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Welcome To Your New Beginning

I am so happy you are here! You found me because a friend or loved one felt we should connect or maybe you stumbled here at a time that is really essential for your well being. However you got here, I am so grateful you found me! Lets begin with why we are seeing the overwhelming need to declutter more than ever right now. Because, no matter who you are or where you are coming from, I promise you are not in this alone! In fact, I really hope that through this journey, you realize just how surrounded by understanding and compassion you are.  

The truth is, we tend to have an emotional attachment to "stuff". It's a part of our current human nature to believe that to survive we need "things". These "things" will measure our success, when we lose someone we feel holding onto their belongings are us holding onto them, we create imaginary guilt if we get rid of something we were gifted. I could go on with reasons we make ourselves believe to be truth when its really just a thought.   Because of this, we create attachments to items that we may not necessarily need or even want. By taking the time to really go through your belongings while asking yourself a few questions and acknowledging the true reasons you are holding on, you will begin to see things from a perspective that will allow you to either bring that item and its meaning into your future or to let it go. This is where you find that PHYSICAL clutter is actually a manifestation of EMOTIONAL or MENTAL clutter. The key to decluttering your home is not to just throw everything away (it will just get cluttered again and again!) but to dig deep within yourself and work on healing your emotional clutter while I hold your hand through that re-energizing process!

How do you start?

You NEED to shift your mindset from your old belief system to a higher and more empowered thought process. We are conditioned to believe there is a right way and wrong way. That there is good and bad. That we need to fulfill a certain timeline or set of rules in order to make this time "successful". This is simply not true.

The entire process of decluttering is a wellness makeover of your life. It's an exciting time for you! You are going to feel revitalized and so fulfilled in ways you couldn't even comprehend before. And the best part is that there is no expectations of you other than for you to really embrace who you are and start living your best life.

Imagine knowing where all your belongings are kept. No more wasted time (which by the way is your MOST VALUABLE and PRECIOUS gift) spent on looking for something. No more frustration with misplacing things. We all have done it. You save something because you will "need" it someday, then when you see a need for it, it takes HOOOOUUURS to find and then you are frustrated and annoyed to the point where you don't even care to use it anymore.

Why waste your gift of time or energy?

I am absolutely going to be giving my best and most creative ways to declutter and organize. You are more than welcome to simply work through your clutter by following my process presented here and in my upcoming videos, but I would encourage you to take a leap of faith and consider a free consultation with me. My gift is that I am an intuitive support for others. What this means is I tune in to where you are at and I walk with you as you are on this journey to greater fulfillment. My recommendations are always personalized for each client I am with. There is no judgement, no rush. Just love and guidance as we create your dream spaces. I really love seeing lives blossoming and feeling freer from the obstacles of clutter as they go through this journey.

Thank you so much for being here and I am looking forward to connecting with you!

Have a Beautiful Day!