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Hello, Little Inside Voice

Do you ever hear that little voice? The one that says "You just aren't good enough." "They will do it better than you anyway." "You'll NEVER make it." I didn't realize until recently that this little voice is constantly talking and taking so much of my energy. It's like this constant little fight with someone you don't want to be around. And the craziest part is that some days, I actually believe it! We all have something unique and important within ourselves and it is so imperative that we let that outshine any shadow of doubt. But, it's not always easy. It does feel like an uphill battle.

I decided to take a step back, kneel to that little voices level so I could be eye to eye with it and ask, "What is it that you need?" Because all of that self doubt is a part of you that is needing to be nurtured but feels unheard. I am in the business of serving others and I am very good at forgetting about my own needs, just like we all are! How can I serve myself so that I can better serve others? Giving this little voice, that I honestly always despised, the time of day and the care it needed really sparked my ability to grow stronger. Neglecting the inner voice because it's "mean" is an automatic response in all humans... Because it hurts! But there is something behind that hurting and it's okay to delve into it so that you can find inner peace instead of inner self sabotage.

I started this business SEVEN years ago. I just recently really started putting myself out there because that teeny tiny voice was a BIG issue for me. It told me that no one would need me. That no one would like me. Simply, that I was not good enough. But then something happened. I started standing up for myself and who I genuinely am. I am not that little voice. I am a loud and loving voice. I want nothing more than to show others how much I care for them and their wellbeing. I started having more people approach me and ask for my services. They KNEW I wanted to be their cheerleader and partner on the road to their healing changes.

It is so crazy how many other things I put in front of what I am destined to do all because I truly felt that I wasn't worthy of all things that are good. To get to a place of happiness and real contentment is not easy at first. Self doubt is a real jerk sometimes but just remember that the internal bully is hurting and needs some love. After allowing myself to see how my gift could transform someones life, I was so excited to push forward and keep going. That little voice kept getting less loud and finally, so quiet that now I can barely hear it or at times it's gone. Don't get me wrong, I still have those moments, but they are no longer an obstacle. They are simply a reminder that I need to check in with my inner voice and let it be heard so the healing can take place.

The next time you are feeling defeated, low or not good enough, take a step back, take a deep breath while closing your eyes and let yourself go through the emotions. Allow yourself to feel all you are feeling and then tell yourself it's okay. Its okay to feel what you are feeling. Then I want you to remind yourself of how much good you have to offer the world. This doesn't have to be an overwhelming thing. It could simply be that you love to smile at strangers to brighten their day! The smallest gifts are the most impactful and a simple smile could completely turn someones day around. Could you imagine how much your life could change for the better if you let yourself be the most important person in your world?

I know.... if you are a parent or grandparent, this feels strange and unnatural. We got so used to putting ourselves last. But putting yourself aside will not serve those you love because YOU are so important to them, too! Think about it, if you love someone, imagine them putting their own needs aside to constantly meet your needs but you see them neglecting their self care. Does that make you feel good? Of course not! You would absolutely want them to love themselves first and then share that gift of love with you and others. It's the same for you. Those who love and treasure you, want you to put yourself first. You will be a better parent/person because of the positivity PLUS you are showing a great example of self love! You will be so grateful you did this!

Let me know in the comments how you take time to acknowledge your inner voice and the things you do to show yourself some love! Or let me know if you haven't been letting the inner voice speak and if you are going to start nurturing it!

Have a Blissful Day!