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When You Just Can't Get Started

I get it.  The heavy body that cannot muster up enough energy, the exhausted brain that desperately wants a time out but even when laying down the thoughts and worries won't stop.  There is no real break from all the things you have been holding onto.  

I want to gently hold your hand let you know that it feels like an uphill battle, but the things you learn on the way up are so magical and life changing.  Your world will begin to transform into something you don't recognize because it is so beyond anything you have imagined.  It feels different at the top.  It feels so new and wonderful.  The thought that "emptiness" would feel so fulfilling is a concept that you will finally understand.   We spend so much of our day at the bottom of the hill, looking up at what could be or would be if we just had the chance.  But the thing is that we really DO have the opportunity, the trick is to notice it and go for it.   

I am not talking about minimalism.  The minimal lifestyle is great and I see the benefit it has on many.  But I am also very aware that the majority of us really flourish when we get to be creative in each of our own unique journeys without any sort of labeling.  Discovering who we are and then letting ourselves live the limitless life we have been craving!  Giving yourself that little bit of grace you give others is a great start to this process.  Take the burden off of the expectations that you have for a long time believed were put on you.  We all have gotten very good at believing the stories we made up on our own.  Begin taking the time to differentiate between what is really there and what you think is.  As you begin to trust yourself more, this will become so easy!   From working with my clients, I have found that the biggest struggle is actually the lack of trust they have with themselves.  They second guess every single thing they do and even what they want.  That can really take an energetic toll on the mind and body.  You do not have to continue this way and I am here to help you navigate through it.  

The secret to getting started is simply knowing that you can trust yourself during the entire journey.   Deep down, you know what is for your highest good.  As the days go on and the clutter gets less and less, your ability to confidently make choices and keep going will just effortlessly pour out and you will feel like a totally different person.  Lighter, happier, energetic, peaceful.   

When you feel you just cannot get started, what are some of your obstacles?